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Life of Your Bag

Rattan artisans Borneo and Java

In our US factory your bag is assembled then shipped to your door.
In our US factory your bag is assembled then shipped to your door.

Our Artisans

We invest in indigenous artisans and their communities. These artisans are the heart of our handcrafted products, as we value their exceptional skills and the individual beauty they bring to each product and our community. We prioritize environmentally conscious processes and technologies and work with organizations that meet internationally recognized sustainability standards.

While we’re not completely perfect in our practices due to roadblocks and obstacles in the industry, we strive to support materials scientists and innovators, working to develop sustainable, plant based materials that biodegrade naturally. Stay tuned for more details on how we plan to change the fashion industry and better the environment.


Recycled Polyester

Our polyester materials are made from pre and post consumer recycled textiles. Man-made plastic textiles, such as petroleum based polyester, never decompose and are mechanically broken into smaller and smaller fragments. By reusing these fibers, plastics in the environment are being reduced. Recycled polyester can be found in our Laurel, Juniper. Palm,
Sequoia and Pine bags.


Our rattan, a strong yet lightweight vine from the rain forest, is sourced from Indonesia and is the base to all our featured bags. Sustainably harvested rattan can help with forest maintenance as trees are necessary for the vine to properly grow. Increasing the demand for rattan can help in lessening deforestation. Rattan can be found in our Pine, Sequoia, Juniper, Laurel and Palm bags.

Alternative Leather

Microki is our vegan alternative to cow’s leather. This specific textile is different compared to other vegan friendly materials because it is completely washable. Microki alternative leather is made in Italy and can be found in our Laurel, Juniper, Sequoia, Palm and Pine bags. We are working to add additional leather replacement materials that are plant based and welcome your suggestions and input for future improvements.

Natural Fibers

Durable fabrics from Hemp and other natural fibers, are featured in our Sequoia and Palm bags. We strive to use sources of organic and naturally dyed fabrics that are healthier for the environment and people.


The earth’s resources are plentiful, and we use them wisely to reduce waste. By making each custom design individually, our focus can rest on higher quality standards one bag at a time, while reducing the waste associated with mass production.

Over three million tons of fashion items are disposed of in the US alone each year and over 15 million tons globally. This waste of unwanted and unsold items typically finds its way into landfills, or is burned, leaching toxic chemicals into soil, air and water. We only manufacture what you buy, and focus on building beautiful, sustainable bags that last.