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Corporate Social Responsibility FAQ

What is your commitment to sustainability?

Our commitment to sustainability can be seen through our supply chain - from where we source our materials, our fair trade practices with our suppliers, and how we’re manufacturing our products. Sustainably harvested rattan can help with forest maintenance as trees are necessary for the vine to properly grow. We work with artisans and communities to properly harvest these materials and ensure we pay fair wages. Our products are then made-to-order to lessen the environmental impact of overproduction and waste. 

You can learn more about our vision on our Impact page and read more about sustainable efforts on our blog page.

How is customizing a bag beneficial to the environment? 

By customizing your bag, you contribute to reducing the overproduction and manufacturing waste. Nothing is manufactured until you submit your order.

Why are your prices so high? 

We strive for the best quality and ethical practices needed to produce our bags and help our fellow communities and environment. Every step of our supply chain is at premium costs with this in mind. The largest impact of the price of our bags goes to the assembly of the bag in the USA, plus the sustainable materials sourcing at fair wages. The higher costs of the made-to-order process, which is important to our cause to lower overproduction and manufacturing waste, also adds to our prices. #buylesschoosewell. Consumers have incredible power to change the fashion industry for the better by buying well made products that  last and only purchasing from brands who put the planet and people first.

You can learn more about our vision on our Impact page and read more about sustainable efforts on our blog page.

Where are your products made?

All our bags are made-to-order in the US. The materials are sourced globally.

Where are your materials sourced? 

Rattan is sourced from Indonesia.  All other materials for our bags are vegan and/or make a positive impact on the environment. More details on our materials can be found on our Impact page.  

How are you helping these communities by harvesting Rattan? 

Using rattan as a base material in our products creates positive economic pressures to leave the rainforest (where it grows) standing, creating an alternate income base for the folks who live on the forested land. We are able to celebrate and elevate their artisanship while protecting the forest they depend on. We are also committed to provide fair wages to the harvesters and artisans to ensure labor practices are sustained at the highest quality possible. 

Our current practices aren’t perfect as we have many barriers and roadblocks in the industry, but we’re striving to change this through awareness and education of 

Please explain more about your company's commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion?

I don’t see a lot of diverse representation in your marketing. 

We understand that diversity and inclusion is important to not only a business but to the community as a whole. We strive to work with models and influencers of different ethnicities and backgrounds and reflect this on our website and social media. We will continue to be conscious of what our brand represents, especially being aware of inclusion and representation in all our marketing materials. Please contact us if you have any other questions or thoughts on our contacts page.

I don’t see a lot of representation of the indigenous communities and artisans you work with.

We’re very conscious of the representation of the indigenous folks and the communities we work with and currently believe that marketing their cultural like-ness or practices would only be leveraging them in an opportunistic direction. Our main marketing focus is to highlight the beauty and quality of our bags while driving awareness of our sustainability practices through our written content found on our blog page. We’re currently working to find a respectful way to amplify our partners’ stories and how integral they are to our business and mission. Please contact us if you have any other questions or thoughts on our contacts page.