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About Us

Purse for the People is a female-owned business committed to creating beautiful, sustainable and personalized bags while holding the highest standards in our relationships with our artisans, the environment, and our customer.

We are the only company using rattan, a sustainable material, to create fully customized high quality bags. All other materials are thoughtfully sourced to help lessen the negative impact on the environment. We love beautiful and individualized style, celebrate creativity and innovation, and respect the earth and its resources.

Our Shared Values

1. Natural Power

We believe in leaving the earth in a measurably better place than we inherited it. We are reverential towards the earth, honoring its abundance, its beauty, and its seamless, cyclical solutions. With that mindset, sustainability practices are at the center of all that we do. At the forefront of company decisions are both the prioritization of the planet’s long-term wellbeing and the respect for our materials and their timeless, transcendent strength.

2. Conscious Luxury

It is time for us to reimagine luxury as symbolic of ethics rather than status. Luxury is only luxurious when it is conscious, considered, and respectful of all processes, people, and planet along the way. Our luxury is one of care, compassion, and longevity—and our products, following this principle, are crafts of the highest quality: One-of-a-kind, lasting, and reflective of both your values and your style.

3. Created by Communities

We put artisans and communities at the center of what we do. Their multi generational skills and knowledge are valuable, significant, and have the power to transform our broken systems of manufacturing; we bring these artisanal histories, breathtaking talents, and inherent comprehension of earth-preserving techniques to you, taking the local from around the globe in a thoughtful way. By investing in indigenous communities, we are able to celebrate and elevate their artisanship for years to come.