Our Story

We all want beautiful fashion.  We at Purse for the People believe in the #slowfashion movement, and that what we wear can be both beautiful and good for the planet.  Fashion is the second most polluting industry globally, and many workers are exploited. This can and must change.

We have taken care to use beautiful, organic and natural materials from the rainforest in our designs. With our partners at NTFP.org, we follow standards that provide long term solutions to the everyday challenges native citizens of the forest face while maintaining healthy thriving forests.


Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, which is why we’ve developed a customized design system that lets you, the customer, create a design of your own. Coupled with our new and innovative manufacturing process, waste is avoided and our overproduction is zero.   Over three million tons of fashion items are disposed of in the US alone each year.  By making each custom design individually, our focus can also rest on higher quality standards, one bag at a time.

Here’s how it works.

Step 1.The natural rattan and textile features of your bag are created in the forest and sent to our US factory.  Our Rattan Journey Video

Step 2. You design your own bag online.

With 5 easy mouse clicks you select the style, colors and finishes  you want.   Try Our Software

Step 3.  Your customized  design is brought to life with quality, handmade workmanship here in the US, and shipped directly to you.

Follow us and witness the process as we build out our US factory.

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