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Ying and Yang of Sustainability graphic showing green sustainability of eco-friendly enery the other half of circular graphic depicts dark environmentally damaged industrial life

The Sustainability Battle

The endeavor to get companies and global organizations to go green is still very much an on-going struggle. Yes, we are all aware of the serious consequences our actions are having on the planet, so why then are businesses so reluctant to make the leap? Consumers are aware of the environmental damage that is being […]

Two shoppers fighting over cheap clothing

The true price of our “cheap”, fast, fashion industry

With magazine covers consisting of a bikini clad Margot Robbie with headlines such as “This seasons MUST have swimwear”, to next week’s issue featuring Ellie Goulding and her latest “fave” runners and imperative work-out gear, it is no wonder that the average American family spends $1,700 on clothes annually. Ok so that may not seem […]