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goddess on the rise 2019 Kasi Martin

Happy Earth Day

Announcing Our 2019 Goddess on the Rise Winner Kasi Martin Kasi’s work is promoting sustainable fashion through many endeavors including her website, The Peahen. We loved her response to our question : What does the #GoddessOnTheRise movement mean to you? It means living in a way that feeds your soul, feeds others souls and doesn’t […]

violeta III

Violeta Villacorta on #slowfashion

  Heart Stock Radio’s recent guest, Violeta Villacorta, is a former senior designer at Patagonia, and now she’s partnered with Purse for the People to create new styles that are both beautiful and good for the planet. We wanted to share her story and the story of her sustainable fashion brands. Heart Stock Radio is […]


Our Response to Fast Fashion

What is fast fashion?: Inexpensive clothing and accessories that move quickly from the catwalk to stores to meet new trends. Why is fast fashion so popular? Inexpensive: Compared to the 1960s, consumers now pay less for fashion items. Speed: Four fashion seasons a year have been swapped out for upwards of 20. Celebrity Endorsements: Consumers […]

New styles

Celebrate New Styles

Your Opinion Matters: That’s why we’re sharing the latest and newest styles for your input before we launch them into production. Once we’ve heard from you, we’ll know which styles are your favorites, so thanks in advance! Enter Here New Materials In addition to testing new styles, we wanted to share the materials we’re sourcing […]


Sea Grass, Bark Cloth and Forest Life

A Girl in the Forest As you may have guessed, the highlight of our last sourcing journey was the time we spent in Eheng Village on the island of Borneo (Kalimantan).  We were graciously invited to stay and experience the beautiful culture and rhythms of  Dayak life.  Children walking to and from school, domesticated livestock […]


Tigers Teeth and Fashion Fibers

The adventure of finding new and interesting fibers from the forests of Borneo is filled with surprises. We’ve shared the natural materials of rattan, water hyacinth, banana and pandan in our previous posts, so what could possibly be next?  There really are a surprising number of fibers yet to talk about, all beautiful, natural and […]

banana III

Notes from the Rainforest:

What We Found: In our last post we introduced two materials from the rainforest: rattan and water hyacinth.  We wanted to introduce pandan and banana this week.  Each of these materials will be detailed at length in future posts.   We also made a brief video of our adventures into Java and Borneo to share from […]