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Back to the Source: Pandan and Banana

Back to the Source: Pandan and Banana

In our last post we introduced two special materials from the rainforest: rattan and water hyacinth. Here, we continue the exploration of the sustainable materials that we can harvest from the forest: this time it is pandan and banana.

In future posts, we will be doing a deep dive on each of the materials we hope to use in our beautiful, unique products to provide a better understanding of just how incredible these materials are.

We also made a brief video of our adventures into Java and Borneo to share from the latest sourcing expedition in January. We hope you enjoy it!


Pandan Leaves

Pandanus is a lowland and beach forest plant which includes natural fibres that can be utilized for various kinds of crafts. Pandanus are palm-like, deciduous trees and shrubs. Their leaves, “pandan”, are commonly used in traditional handicraft as well as being key ingredients in South East Asian cuisine


Fibers ready for weaving


Woven pandan


Harvested pandan fibres    and plant




Most people consider banana bark and the dry leaves  to be useless waste.  However, banana can be used as a beautiful painting artwork and as a woven material used in fashion and furnishings. The hands of creative people bring amazing art to life with this natural fibre. The Abaka species provide the strongest natural fibre from this plant.

Banana leaf bag

Banana leaf   earrings 

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