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Green Podcasts: Listening and Learning for Those Who Love the Environment

Green Podcasts:  Listening and Learning for Those Who Love the Environment Something fascinating happens to the human brain when it hears a captivating story. People get drawn in when they read a good book or watch a compelling movie. But there is something about hearing a story, narration, or dialogue in full audio that draws […]

4 Things We’ve Learned From Companies Who’ve Gone Green

More and more companies have realized that going green offers more benefits than the peace of mind that practicing sustainability brings.   It’s been discovered that practicing environmental responsibility not only has a positive social impact but it also has a positive effect on the bottom line. Here are 4 things we’ve learned from companies […]

The Rain Forest and Climate Change

We often hear how the precious rain forest is being lost, – but do we know why they’re so important to the global community?  From wherever you are sitting as you read this, it’s difficult to grasp how the rain forest directly impacts each of us. Biomass Loss First, it’s important to understand just how […]

The Rise of the Divine Feminine: What Does it Mean? A Message to Donald Trump

In her YouTube interview with Deepak Chopra  Jean Houston describes beautifully the phenomena we are witnessing on the planet today known as the “Rise of the Divine Feminine”.  This rise is bringing the world together to create a process that ensures inclusivity of all living beings.  The process is rooted in ecology recognizing Gaia or […]

Offshoring and the Growing Income Gap

There’s nothing wrong with globalization in general.  In many ways, it’s a great thing. Millions of people around the world are constantly sharing ideas and interests thanks to communication methods and technology like smartphones and the internet. We’re learning about each other as a people more than ever before. Globalization has had some interesting economic […]


Sustainable Shopping 101: Jackets

Sustainable Shopping 101: Jackets Purse for the People is now bringing you sustainable purse and handbag options, but this is only one part of your wardrobe. We’ve got you covered on your carrying accessories, but what about the rest of your ensemble? Last post, we discussed some options to help fill your closet with sustainable […]