Happy Earth Day

May Every Day Be Earth Day
Photo Credit @kristopher_allison

Celebrating With Gratitude For Mother Earth

There is much to be thankful for these days in spite of such unspeakable grief and loss being experience globally due to Covid-19. We wanted to celebrate the amazing eco-warriors who make our sustainability journey possible and share some of our joy for their dedication. The global challenges we are facing, bring to light more than ever, how connected we are as humans.

Our Sourcing Specialists

Dwi Pravita Ganatri and Chrysame Quicine are our boots-on-the-ground team in Indonesia, working to bring the natural products of the rainforest to life in our custom handbags. Even through local stay at home orders, they are busy collecting hand crafted material samples, experimenting with natural plant based dyes and persistantly working. We are specially proud of the latest innovation of applying a traditional mud-dyed technique to rattan from our supply partners at Native Borneo.

Chrysame Quicine (Christine Amelia)
Dwi Privita Ganatri (Vita)

Left: Natural Right: Mud Dye
Natural Dye Test

Stay tuned as we continue on our jouney to bring you innovative solutions in the global #fashionrevolution. Up next: our partners at Non-timberforest Products.