8 of Our Favorite Eco Shoe Companies

Over the years, shoe production has been linked to sweatshop labor and processes that are environmentally hazardous.

The following are our favorite shoe brands that are changing that perception by producing fairly-made shoes that are not only ethical but high-quality.


  • El Naturalista


El Naturalista from Spain uses sustainable, high-quality fabrics, innovative features, and simple styling. The brand has a series of chrome-free shoes as well as vegan footwear whose production process aims to reduce the consumption of electricity, water, gas, and chemicals as well as CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.


  • Native


The Canada-based brand, Native, produces its shoes through a low-emission process. Their shoes are made with vegan materials and are both REACH and CPSIA certified.


  • The Root Collective


“Create a culture of kindness through your purchases.”

The Root Collective aims to improve the lives of locals who were living in poverty. They are certified B Corp that believes ethically made shoes can dramatically change lives. They focus on handcrafted quality and a production process that has a positive impact on its makers.


  • Sseko


Sseko believes that all women deserve the right to education. They employ women in Uganda, Ethiopia, and other parts of East Africa to produce shoes, totes, and scarves. Their production line is aimed at making that happen by using the proceeds to provide scholarship and other employment opportunities.


  • Veja


Veja is a cool, sustainable sneaker brand that uses innovative, eco-friendly materials in its products like fair-trade cotton and B-Mesh, a textile which is made from recycled plastic bottles.


  • Keep


Keep‘s variety of textiles and patterns are sourced from all over the world. They make vegan and cruelty-free shoes. Keep is committed to ethical working conditions and has been leading the way in the conscious consumerism industry since 2006.


  • Indosole


Indosole stops waste by intercepting tires before they ever get to landfills and repurpose them into comfortable, casual shoes. They are a certified B Corp, ensuring their factories are professional, safe, and healthy for their employees. Their artisan-made footwear is proudly made in Indonesia and known for its durability.


  • Oliberté


Oliberté is a sustainable, fair trade footwear brand supporting workers’ rights in sub-Saharan Africa. Oliberté’s factory in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia is the world’s first Fair Trade Certified™ footwear manufacturing factory.