5 of Our Favorite Green Yoga Mats

Yoga is much more than merely a workout to burn calories and tone muscles. Yoga is a lifestyle.  Part of that lifestyle is learning a profound sense of self and a connection to the natural elements surrounding you.

It only seems right for yoga enthusiasts and practitioners to use mats made of sustainable  materials. That’s why we love these 5 companies for recognizing that the Yoga community deserves more and so does the planet.


  • Yoloha Cork Yoga Mat


According to Yoloha, the cork used in its  products are 100 percent renewable and recyclable material obtained through one of the most environmentally friendly harvesting methods in the world. Cork is naturally antimicrobial and contains no PVCs and zero harmful chemicals.  Yoloha Cork Yoga Mats boast a non-slip surface and are highly recommended for hot yoga.


  • Barefoot Yoga Original Eco Yoga Mat


The Barefoot Yoga Original Eco Yoga Mats are made with a mixture of all-natural rubber and jute, a vegetable-based fiber. Absolutely no chemical additives are used.  “It is a highly durable, tactile, and pleasantly natural surface to practice on — and might remind you of walking barefoot on the earth,” according to the company.


  • Jade Harmony Mat


Jade Mats are made with natural rubber for better cushion and resilience. They contain no PVCs. The industry considers them the first “green” and non-toxic mats. All the colors are cool, but with every purchase of a special Teal mat, $5 is donated to ovarian cancer charities. They are also made in the USA.


  • Manduka eKO Lite Mat

The Manduka eKO Mat is a natural yoga mat made from sustainably harvested tree rubber. Instead of using synthetic polyester for reinforcement, the company uses a blend of polyester and natural cotton. So the high-performance eKO Mat is also good for the environment.


  • Affirmats


Affirmats are not only eco-friendly and non-toxic, but they have positive affirmations inscribed on them to keep you inspired and motivated. They are made with sustainable jute and eco-PVC and are free from phthalates, latex, and heavy metals. You can even create a custom-made mat sporting your favorite mantra.

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