The 5 Best Green Products Every Woman Should Carry in Her Handbag

We at Purse for the People are determined to support  green companies and their products.  And with that, comes a conscious effort to actively seek eco-friendly products that are good for the environment and good for us.  Here are 5 of our favorite green products that every woman should carry in her bag:

Korres Pure Greek Olive Hand Cream and Almond Oil Hand Cream



Korres only uses biodegradable ingredients, which means there are no mineral oils or silicones in their formulas. Biodegradable also incorporates recyclable packaging and eco-friendly manufacturing practices,  like utilizing a steam generator instead of electricity to heat the facility.

The Korres hand cream contains no mineral oil, petrolatum/paraffin wax, silicones, parabens, propylene glycol, ethanolamines, SLES, ALES, synthetic dye, phthalates, polycyclic musks, retinol, or animal by-products.  We especially like this product because it works.  Each product is tested using applied research to verify benefits and clinical efficacy

Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm


This product is 100 percent natural, as is half of Burt’s Bees’ product line. The company uses Post Consumer Recycled (PCR) packaging, and is committed to preserving animal and human rights through free-trade and fair working conditions.

Burt’s Bees biggest goal is to be “the greenest personal care company on earth” by 2020, transforming to a carbon-free company that operates entirely on renewable energy. Following the example of founder Burt Shavitz, the company continues its commitment to live harmoniously with the natural world.  

Au Natural’s Starter Kit


Each comes with a range of three Semi-Matte Powder Foundations, allowing you to accurately select your perfect match.  Au Natural was developed by Ashley Prange was working as a nuclear analyst in D.C. when she began developing her skincare line for personal use.  Soon others notices how beautiful her skin was and started ordering the product and her e-commerce business was born.  

Lifefactory Bottle




These bottles are safe simple and smart.  You can even purchase baby bottles that, like all Lifefactory products are very modern in design, made with only healthy materials, and eco-friendly.  Founded originally as a baby bottle company, Lifefactory was started by Pam Marcs and Daren Joy and has since grown to include a full product line with the same original intent of purity and quality.

Sunwear by Proof Eyewear


Launched in 2010, the Proof Eyewear brand focuses on designing eye wear made from sustainable materials, such as FSC-certified wood, recycled aluminum, cotton-based acetate, and even re-purposed skateboard decks. The company works toward tsunami relief in Japan, child soldier rehabilitation in Africa, and reforestation efforts in Haiti.  The company even has a great recycling program. Not only do you receive 50 percent off your next pair, but your old pair — in good condition — will be donated to a person in need. 

Proof was founded in 2010 by 3 brothers in Idaho.   The idea to start the brand surfaced in 2010 when founder, Brooks, was trying to create a bamboo ski pole in his garage. The ski pole was a failure, but it planted the seed that would eventually morph into Proof.