Green Podcasts: Listening and Learning for Those Who Love the Environment

Green Podcasts:  Listening and Learning for Those Who Love the Environmentblog

Something fascinating happens to the human brain when it hears a captivating story. People get drawn in when they read a good book or watch a compelling movie. But there is something about hearing a story, narration, or dialogue in full audio that draws in its listeners.

Podcasts have taken over as the “new radio, ” and unlike radio, they aren’t plagued with too many commercials.

And unlike listening to audiobooks, people are hooked to podcasts because they aren’t just recordings of pre-existing text. Podcasts are released in successive episodes, and those who prefer them love that they go beyond being just a narration.  A good podcast attracts the listener and engages them emotionally and intellectually.  Being identified as a mainstream form of media, you’ll find them on just about every subject imaginable and it’s something you can enjoy while driving or working out.

If you are constantly looking for green publications to consume, you’ll soon discover just how addictive podcasts can be. But unlike other addictions, tuning into environmental podcasts is not only good for you but keeps you well-informed on what is happening in the fight for sustainability.  

We at Purse for the People produce a podcast in conjunction with Clark Grant the manager of KBMF 102.5 our local Public Radio station in Butte Montana.   Our program, Heart Stock Radio, focuses on many issues related to doing business better and more consciously.  Our most recent episodes cover the Superfund cleanup related to centuries of mining and how this is impacting the local culture and economy.  We also explore innovative solutions to these issues.

Here are 5 more excellent green podcasts:

Green is Good

Expect a 10-20 minute interview with an environmental expert on each episode. The guest is usually a government or corporate leader speaking about their personal journey to going green and implementing these sustainability practices in their organizations.

Green is Good is hosted by John Shegerian, CEO of Electronic Recyclers International, and airs every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday out of Portland.

Costing the Earth

Costing the Earth reports on the progress being made towards improving the current state of the world. It takes a deep look into man’s effect on the environment and how it reacts in turn. Costing the Earth challenges those in charge about their environmental responsibilities.

The Environment Report

Hosted by Rebecca Williams, Michigan Radio’s “The Environment Report” explores the relationship between the everyday lives of people in Michigan and the natural world. Tune in every Tuesday and Thursday.

The Energy Gang

Perhaps the most popular podcast on renewable energy, The Energy Gang’s hour-long episodes is hosted by Stephen Lacey, Katherine Hamilton: an expert on clean energy policy; and Jigar Shah: founder of SunEdison and the editor is Greentech Media. Topics include regulatory policy, energy efficiency, and the solar industry.

Ethical Business Podcast

Ethical Business Podcast is an entertaining podcast that is perfect for green entrepreneurs who are passionate about creating a clean supply chain and eco-friendly products while focusing on waste reduction. Melanie Parker and Ross Townson host this 20-minute program and interview global entrepreneurs who share their own sustainability stories who hope to inspire other startups and SMEs.