Sustainable Shopping 101: Jackets

Sustainable Shopping 101: Jackets

Purse for the People is now bringing you sustainable purse and handbag options, but this is only one part of your wardrobe. We’ve got you covered on your carrying accessories, but what about the rest of your ensemble?

Last post, we discussed some options to help fill your closet with sustainable shoes, swimsuits and dresses, but now we’re moving into something that will be important in the coming autumn and winter months – jackets. Especially important if you live in colder areas, jackets are a near essential part of any woman’s wardrobe, whether they’re to make a fashion statement or to keep her safe from the cold – or even both!

With these companies producing eco-friendly and environmentally conscious jackets, it’s now possible to be stylish, warm and green all at once.

The North Face




Outdoors clothing manufacturer The North Face has a mission they keep in mind every time they come up with a new eco-friendly article.  Some outdoor clothing manufacturers participate in a little hypocrisy – they create clothing meant to be enjoyed outside while destroying the environment in the process. The North Face takes this into consideration and instead aims to create jackets and other outdoor apparel that celebrates and protects the environment their products are meant to be worn in.


Not only are The North Face’s products made with sustainable and recycled materials, they also put effort into maintaining a green manufacturing process and have created the “Clothes the Loop” project – a project in which donated clothing is recycled into products like toy stuffing, carpet padding and insulation.




No matter what kind of clothing they’re making, Nau puts sustainability at the front of the process. Nau assures its audience that they aren’t using sustainability as a marketing gimmick, but instead base their entire design process on green principles.


First, Nau takes into perspective the manufacturing process, taking great pride in being aware of the damage clothing manufacturing can do to the environment while still creating jacket and clothing options that are fashionable. The fabrics they use include renewable and waterproof wool, recycled polyester, tencel and organic cotton.




While there is indeed a focus on sourcing sustainable materials, Swellas puts their focus on a different area of being eco-friendly – waste.


Most clothing manufacturers with a sustainable edge consider recycled products when creating their fabrics and clothing, but Swellas also looks at where clothing eventually goes when people are done with it: in the garbage. This increases the volume of global landfills, and thus Swellas’ debut jacket line is made from material that would have otherwise gone into the garbage, compounding this problem.





Not only does Patagonia manufacture stylish and chic jackets for men and women, they also consider themselves to be an activist company, and the moniker fits. Patagonia considers fair trade and labor, environmental impact and corporate responsibility within their company.


Sustainable credits include a Worn Wear seal that ensures your garment will last longer and the use of sustainable materials and technology when constructing garments.


More than these three jacket manufacturers are creating sustainable outerwear, so continue to look for our up-and-coming posts that feature additional sustainable fashions. Next will be our post covering upcycled options to keep filling up your eco-friendly wardrobe.