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Our NGO partner, Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFP), works directly with artisans to ensure forest products used in our eco-bags are supplied sustainably. NTFP helps us work directly with artisans of the rainforest and sets guidelines for fair trade and sustainability standards. They were the first NGO to initiate sustainability certification programs with the Dayak artisans in rainforests of Borneo.

Design Your Own

Join us in the #slowfashion movement as we take a stand for the health of our natural world. We’re thick into the research and design phase of our business, and you can help us by testing our software that allows you to design your own handbag. Express yourself and create an eco- bag that is your very own style. Soon, we'll be building custom bags with natural materials that are not only beautiful but good for the planet.  

Empower Women


Now more than ever, women are being called to rise and stand in unity to be represented in our global communities. Please join our initiative to amplify the goddess within each of us. Send a free token of appreciation to a woman you love or nominate someone for the Goddess on the Rise search.



Laurel style handmade rattan handbag with orange leather accents. Eco-friendly, beautiful and durable. Purchase for $200

I love my bag! It has tons of room, plenty of pockets for organizing, and it looks great on my arm. I like that my tablet fits in it nicely as well.

Aspen style handmade rattan handbag with red leather accents and bamboo handle. Purchase for $150

Love my Aspen, the pockets inside fit my cards and a separate pocket for iphone. Like that I can have the bag on my shoulder, flip the clasp, reach the items I need and re-clasp without taking the bag off my shoulder. The red leather shoulder band allows the purse to hang at a high waist height, good for viewing what is inside when open. I have not been using the bamboo handle, but may with certain outfits in the summer. The bottom of the bag has brass feet which balance the bag when set down. Lovely.

I ordered this purse for my mom’s birthday. After I placed my order Carole sent me an email saying that it was out of stock, but they should have it in time to ship. Carole followed up with tracking information and the purse arrived the morning of my mom’s birthday.

My mom loved the purse, especially the inside divider and the two strap/handle options.

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